Pallas Theater now caters to non-Greek speakers

International visitors to Athens now have the opportunity to expand their cultural scope, as performances at a landmark theater in the center of the Greek capital now feature English supertitles.

The Pallas, housed in a building which dates to the 1930s and was originally a cinema, recently announced the introduction of English supertitles during the theater's main evening performances from Wednesdays through Sundays. Meanwhile, the addition of Greek supertitles for the same shows will benefit locals with hearing impairments.

In a recent announcement, Pallas owner Theatrikes Skines SA noted that around 1,500 theater productions are staged in the city every year, adding that some ought to be an option for English-speaking audiences too. Theatrikes Skines was established in 2016 and took over the management of the Pallas shortly thereafter.

Located off Syntagma...

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