Montenegrins sue historians; "belated move of state terror"

The Progressive Club announced on Wednesday that the Montenegrin Movement had filed criminal complaints against historians Cedomir Antic and Aleksandar Rakovic.

As stated, this was done due to their alleged activity against the constitutional order and safety of Montenegro, and for inciting national, racial, and religious hatred.

"The announced lawsuits we see as a belated move by the Milo Djukanovic and Dusko Markovic's regime of state terror, which increasingly resembles the (WW2-Nazi allied) Independent State of Croatia in its early stages," Antic and Rakovic said in a joint press release, reacting to the news today, and added:

"This is about a witch-hunt against Serbs. It's about a witch-hunt against people who speak the truth. Our obligation as professional historians is to speak the truth about Montenegro's past but also about Montenegro's present. The Montenegrin regime wants to - beside taking away our freedom of movement - take away our freedom of speech and thought."

Antic and Rakovic also said that the Montenegrin Movement is a phantom organization that is interpreting messages and quotes by 19th and 20th century historical figures and rules of Montenegro as racial and religious hatred and an invitation to undermine the constitutional order, "which is regular nonsense."

"With that in mind we will continue to call for the words of the rules of Montenegro from the Petrovic-Njegos dynasty and other historical persons, especially from Montenegro, from the time it was a national state of the Serb people. Montenegro from the era of the Petrovic-Njegos dynasty and that from the Milo Djukanovic regime have nothing in common. It's about two state creations that, due to paradoxical circumstances, bear the same name," the historians added.

They also recalled that the Montenegrin police banned them from entering the country - but had no courage to issue them with a...

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