100 years marked since Vojvodina joined Kingdom of Serbia

Speaking in Novi Sad on Sunday, the head of the provincial government of Vojvodina, added it was !preserved as an ideal and as "a realistic framework within which other principles can be exercised."

"We build our prosperity in unbreakable unity, which no one can or will break. And first of all, in the absolute equality of all who live here, regardless of nation, religion or culturological pattern, and in unbreakable unity with other parts of our country," Mirovic said, Beta reported.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that, a hundred years ago, "great men did great deeds, and the heart and mind responded the same," with the declaration of Vojvodina breaking off from Austria-Hungary and joining the Kingdom of Serbia.

"The fight for national rights through joining Serbia became real. We can say with pride that the fall of 1918 was the fall of our greatest successes and the creation of a future we still want today," Vucic said.

He called the date "the greatest day in Serbia's history."

The main celebration of the centennial was held in Novi Sad, on Nov. 25, when Vucic unveiled a monument to King Petar I Karadjordjevic.

The program of the celebration began with the premiere of a play called Svetozar, in the Serbian National Theater and with concerts in Freedom Square.

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