Bulgarians Spend Average of 640 Leva on a Trip Abroad

In the third quarter of the year 1 882.7 thousand Bulgarian citizens over 15 years of age have made travel trips. The majority of them - 79.8% - traveled only in the country, 14.8% - abroad and 5.4% traveled both in the country and abroad. This shows the preliminary data of the National Statistical Institute, reports money.bg

Compared to the same period in 2017, the total number of traveler dropped by 5.5%, while those traveling only in the country or abroad only decreased by 8.3 and 3.1% respectively, while the number of travelers in the country and abroad increased by 56.8% . Most of the Bulgarians aged 25-44 years traveled in the third quarter - 844.6 thousand people. In all age brackets, the relative share of trips in the country prevails, with the highest proportion of those in the age group 65 and older - 84.4% of the travelers in this age group. For journeys abroad, the share of travelers aged 15-24 is the largest - 18% of those traveled in the respective age group.

Most of the tourist trips both in the country (61.5%) and abroad (78.4%) were for "rest and excursion". In the third quarter of 2018, 2 297.4 thousand were registered as self-employed, or 87.0% of the total number of personal trips. The relative share of independent voyages without reservation in the country is 92.7% and of those abroad - 56.8%.

In the expenditure structure by type, food expenditure in the country and abroad is the largest share - 43.2 and 31.1%, respectively. In the third quarter of 2018, the average cost of traveling for personal purposes to a person aged 15 and over was BGN 396.52 in the country and BGN 642.28 abroad. At the same time, the cost of one person for professional travel is on average 182.35 BGN in the country and 1 100.70 BGN abroad.

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