Bessarabian Bulgarian Among the Ukrainian Sailors Captured by Russia

Vladimir Varimez from the village of Bankovka is one of the 24 sailors who were arrested after three Ukrainian ships tried to cross the Kerch Strait, bTV reported.

The information was confirmed by the mayor of the village Viktor Genchev.

He added that Vladimir's father is still in Bankovka, but it is possible at some point to leave for Sevastopol to try to meet his son.

Later, the Foreign Ministry reported that, according to the mayor of his native village, he had no Bulgarian citizenship.

The fact that the person in question is a Bulgarian citizen does not exist in the information massifs in Bulgaria.

"Our country has clearly stated that it insists on the immediate release of all seamen from the three Ukrainian ships. If additional checks reveal that he is a Bulgarian citizen, he will also receive consular defense, the Bulgarian Consulate General in Odessa is in contact with the mayor of the native village of a Ukrainian soldier of Bulgarian origin ", the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.

On Sunday, Russia detained three Ukrainian warships off the Crimean coast.

The Crimean court arrested all 24 sailors arrested after the shootout.

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