ForMin Melescanu: The Great Union was the sublime act of Romanian national will

Bucharest, Dec 1 /Agerpres/ - The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Teodor Melescanu, stated that the Great Union of 1918 was the "sublime act of Romanian national will", which belongs to the nation and is not the singular work of any political figure, party or government.

"I could try to describe in 100 words what it means for us the 100 years since the forging of the modern Romanian unitary state. It is however far too little. The Great Union was the sublime act of Romanian national will. It is not the work of any political figure, party or government, it belongs to the nation. Yet the truth is that without the sacrifice of our forefathers, without the determination and untiring struggle of Romanians in 1918, our destiny may have been different. We are here because of those who saw the opportune moment and knew to remove the revanchist and conflictual mentalities, offering examples of tolerance and respect," Foreign Minister Melescanu stated, in a video message posted to the Facebook page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He added that the values of the 1918 generation are respected and promoted by Romania today.

"They are values that today we still promote and respect. We look back with satisfaction, but look towards the future confidently. 100 years on from the Great Union, Romania is a mature state from a historical point of view, an active, credible and respected member in European and Euro-Atlantic structures. Centennial Romaina reaffirms its commitment towards the principles of international law, the promotion of good understanding, of openness to dialogue, to the values of multilateralism that are the basis of its national profile and its foreign action. Our great political project has withstood the test of time and it is our task to continue it," said the head of the Romanian diplomacy.

Further, he urged Romanians to more national unity.

"I urge you to reflect together on the values that tie us and waste less energy on what divides us. Together and only together can we be relevant on a global scale. Only together are we Romania. Many happy returns, Romanians! Many happy returns, Romania!", concluded Melescanu. AGERPRES (RO - editor: Marius Fratila; EN - editor: Razvan-Adrian Pandea)

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