Bulgaria is Among the Leaders in the EU in the Recycling of Plastic and at the Bottom for Metals

Bulgaria is among the leaders in the European Union in the recycling of plastic and glass garbage. This shows Eurostat data for 2016. An average EU-level of recycled plastic is 42.4% and in Bulgaria this percentage reaches 52.6 per cent, which is the fourth place in the whole EU.

Leader on this indicator is Lithuania. There 74.4% of the plastic is recycled. The Baltic state is followed by Slovenia with 62% and the Czech Republic with 59.2%.

This is not the case with recycling of metals. Bulgaria managed to process 59.4% of this type of junk, with the EU average of 78.3 per cent. Poland has exactly the same indicator.

Only two countries are doing worse in recycling metals. Last on the list is Croatia with only 16.4%, after that is Portugal at 42.9%.

In the total recycling of all kinds of waste, Bulgaria ranks 17th in the EU with 63.8%. The EU average for this indicator is 67 per cent, according to the Eurostat study.

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