Pristina official: I never spoke about "pact against Serbia"

He added said that the headline of the Dec. 1 article heard around the region was worlds apart from what he actually said.

I never said anything on creating a regional pact against Serbia. The headline of the article and what I actually said are two completely different things, Hoxhaj told the Montenegrin Antena M TV.

He said everything else he told Vecernji List stood Serbia's interference to undermine Kosovo's statehood, Belgrade's interference in the internal affairs of Montenegro and Macedonia, and his position that regional cooperation stabilized the Balkans and balanced Serbia.

Earlier on, in an interview to Vecernji List, Hoxhaj said that, on several occasions, he had discussed founding a pact to oppose Serbia and its "aggressive policy" with the leaders of Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro while visiting those countries.

He justified this to Vecernji List by stating that Serbia had continued its "aggressive campaign against Kosovo" and wanted to destabilize the region.

The Foreign Ministry of Montenegro denied on Dec. 2 that any of the country's officials had discussed a pact against any state in the region, while Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said Macedonia had never discussed a pact against Serbia with anyone.

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