"Serbia fully supports China's Belt and Road Initiative"

These relations have enabled Serbia to be an important point on the New Silk Road route, Serbian Foreign Minister and First Deputy PM Ivica Dacic said on Monday, Tanjug reported on Monday.

Dacic was addressing an international round table dedicated to to the Belt and Road Initiative, held in the Serbian National Assembly, when he said Serbia had been one of the first countries to fully and continuously back the Belt and Road initiative since its launch in 2013.

The initiative "will be remembered in history for its positive contribution to the global linking and economic development of all participating countries," he also said, according to the government.

Dacic said that the open character and the principle of equality on which this initiative is based should be highlighted, as it calls for the inclusion of all, even the smallest countries in its flows and projects, depending on the interests of those countries.

He recalled that Serbia is one of the first countries that fully supported this initiative when it was launched in 2013 and has been supporting it continuously ever since.

The geostrategic position of Serbia, as well as our extraordinary relations with China, enabled our country to be a significant point on the One Belt One Road route and to be included in a large number of infrastructure projects, Dacic said.

He explained that through this 21st century Maritime Silk Road, Serbia, although a continental country, will be connected to China via the Indian Ocean and the Aegean Sea, from the port of Piraeus, through the project of the Land-Sea Express Line through Greece and Macedonia, and via the fast Belgrade-Budapest railway whose construction is in progress, all the way to central and northern...

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