New owner of TV Prva and TV O2

The Group who owns Prva TV, O2 TV, Prva TV Montenegro, Play Radio, six cable channels and three web portals, and sells media operations in Serbia and Montenegro for 180 million euros. The change of the ownership rights in the process by the regulatory authority of Serbia.

At the end of 2009, the Antenna Group took over Fox television in Serbia, and in September 2010 changed it's name to Prva srpska televizija and made a real revolution in marketing, production and programming content. In the shortest time, Antenna Group Serbia has grown in to the strongest media company in the highly competitive market of commercial television and radio stations, as well as web portals in Serbia.

At the time of the purchase of Fox television in Serbia in 2009, the station had only 4% of the market share, and today, eight years after heavily investments and continuous expansion of the business, the company has 45% of the market share and is one of the healthiest media houses in the country.

"We are grateful to a great team of professionals in Serbia, who helped this media house to become a regional leader. The combination of our fantastic local team with thorough broadcast expertise, our execution of our strong local multi-channel content platform strategy, and the investor-friendly governments of Serbia and Montenegro positioned Antenna for success in one of the region's fastest-growing markets.We have a remarkable period, which we are all very proud of, our success is creating a number one television, digital and radio platform in Serbia and Montenegro. We are pleased to have chosen a true leadership, under whose authority this company will continue it's progressive growth and strengthen it's leading position in the market."...

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