After 20-year wait, refugee sees 'bright future' in UK

Nine-year-old Miles imagines himself a Manchester United player as he kicks a ball down Clarendon Road, a lonely street in a corner of this British military base on Cyprus that's been his home all his life.

The boy's family and 26 other refugees have been living in a legal limbo at Dekhelia Garrison for two decades. But now that the British government has granted the group permanent residency, he may just get a chance to play for his favorite team for real.

Miles, his younger sister Destiny and older brother Emmanuel are the Cyprus-born children of Sudanese refugee Tag Bashir, who was ecstatic about a "brighter future" for his family in the UK.

"We feel very, very happy after the long-standing problems ... we're trying to be in the UK as soon as we can so that we can establish our life and see how we can start our future for those kids," Bashir told AP...

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