After US ultimatum to Russia, EU reacts

The EU foreign and security policy chief remarked this upon her arrival to the NATO foreign minister's meeting on Wednesday, when journalists asked "should European citizens feel concerned after this stern warning that (US State Secretary) Mike Pompeo launched to Russia?"

"We Europeans do not underestimate the security challenges and the security threats that could involve our continent again. Europe was the battlefield for long, it was the battlefield of the Cold War for long, and this is why we value and we appreciate the security architecture that, for so many years, has guaranteed peace and security on European soil. We definitely do not want to see this being torn apart; we definitely do not want to walk backwards," Mogherini said, according to the EEAS website.

The INF has guaranteed peace and security on European territory for thirty years now, she continued - "it has to be fully implemented."

"So, I hope that the time that is there to work on preserving the (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces) Treaty and achieving its full implementation can be used wisely by all sides. We will definitely try to make our part to make sure that this happens," the EU official said.

Pompeo on Tuesday said that the US would suspend its adherence to the INF Treaty in 60 days unless Russia returns to full compliance with the agreement.

But Moscow said that the US was falsely accusing it of violating the treaty in order to create a pretext for Washington to abandon it.

The Russian army chief also explained that if the INF is canceled, his country's responsive measures would target the countries that accommodate US intermediate-range and short-range missiles (in Europe).

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