"I hope Serbia won't have to use army - but it's an option"

But, Brnabic added - addressing journalists during a news conference at the seat of the Serbian government in Belgrade - "that is one of the options."

"I hope that we will never have to use our army, but at the moment it is one of the options on the table, because we cannot watch a new ethnic cleansing (of Serbs) and new storms (an apparent reference to Croatia's Operation Storm) - although (Prime Minister of Albania) Edi Rama is calling for them," she told journalists.

The prime minister said she would "ask all European leaders what they would do if they were in her place."

She reiterated that her government's priority is education and digitization, and that it is in "a schizophrenic situation - whether someone will, contrary to everything normal, all the agreements, and even their own acts, create an army, and on December 15 move to subjugate people only because they are Serbs."

Brnabic remarked that since the time Aleksandar Vucic became prime minister, Serbia has been investing in raising its defense capacities, because they had been devastated. "When someone knows you have a strong army, then they have to sit down and talk to you," said Brnabic.

The prime minister, however, did not wish to comment on media reports that Americans are sending weapons to Kosovo (via Albania) - pointing out that this is "a serious issue" and that she hopes that there will be "a sufficient amount of reason on the part of the United States to know what is good for their partners in Pristina."

"Pick a reason, then stick to it"

Ana Brnabic also said during the news conference that the sole goal of Edi Rama's latest statements is political spin, and blaming Serbia for all the unreasonable decisions made in Pristina. ...

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