The Police Found a Record Number of Weapons and Ammunition in a Garage in Sofia

A record number of weapons and ammunition were found in a garage in the Reduta district, NOVA reported. They were found in a GDBOP action and the Specialized Prosecutor's Office. Some of the machine guns were found in the village of Gabarevo, Municipality of Pavel Banya. Drugs were also found in the operation. One person has been arrested on the case, detained on November 30, Darik learned. The man has a verdict in first instance that he was indicted in 2016 for arms trade.

"What you see is why the organized criminality point is considered closed under the co-operation mechanism. There are no significant problems related to organized crime in Bulgaria, or if there are, they are not more significant than in other European countries. " This was stated by Deputy Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev on the joint action of the Specialized Prosecutor's Office and the Directorate for Combating Organized Crime.

On Tuesday, an operation was also carried out in Kazanlak, which involved the illegal export of machines guns from the local factory, Geshev said.
"This is about three pre-trial proceedings that have taken place due to the good work of GDBOP. I'll start 3 years back. More than 50 UZIs were then found, which we presented in a similar way. The boss of the organized group was not found. Then, colleagues from the GDBOP had information that this guy had a store, the address was checked, but no weapons were found. The person was arrested on inspection at block of flats, dozens of machines guns were found, several Kalashnikov, Scorpions, 4kg of black powder were found, which would have left only a black hole in case of a possible ignition. Some of the machines guns were kept secure. The characteristic is that there is a bag in each machine that contains the...

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