Woman wins case against Cyprus

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled against Cyprus in a case where a Vietnamese woman had complained about the conditions of her detention back in 2012.

The plaintiff, 38-year-old Thi Nguyen Khanh, was placed in a women's detention facility in Limassol from 1 March 2012 until 25 July 2012.

Khanh said she had to share a single occupancy cell with another detainee while a mattress and a blanket was given to her and placed on a dirty floor, some 30 centimetres away from the bed. Two women would share the two blankets to stay warm, according to the allegations.

When she was in a double occupancy cell with two bunks, she alleged that she had to share the cell with up to four other detainees, all of whom had to share the two bunks. The state authorities were also accused of not providing proper food according to the dietary nutrition needs of the...

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