The Bulgarian Ministry of Economy is Expecting 49 Investments for BGN 1.379 Billion

49 investment projects worth BGN 1,379 billion have been filed in the Bulgarian Investment Agency. They are expected to open 6,157 new jobs, Economy Minister Emil Karanikov said today, quoted by the departmental press office.

Yesterday, he handed out five more investment certificates worth over 32 million leva. They will reveal 116 new jobs. Three A-class investment certificates were awarded to Warehousing and Logistics EOOD, Asisa OOD and Valian OOD, as well as two Class B investment certificates to Memtex and Sadovo Invest OOD. The investment project of Warehousing and Logistics Ltd includes the construction of a warehouse facility in the Municipality of Elin Pelin in order to provide services for storage and storage of goods and services. The amount of the investment amounts to BGN 15 320 000 and the result of the investment will be the opening of 41 new jobs.

The project of Asisi Ltd. envisages the construction of a modern warehouse on the territory of NCCI, Industrial Zone "Bojurishte", in order to provide services for storage and storage of goods and cargoes. The investment is for BGN 5 100 000,00, and 5 new jobs will be opened. The third project received an A-class investment certificate relates to the expansion of the existing plant of Valian OOD. The project is aimed at optimizing the cost of production of furniture. The size of the investment amounts to BGN 10 000 000 and will open 45 new jobs in Sofia.

One of the projects that received a Class B investment certificate relates to the construction of a new production facility for Memtex. It will be related to the main activity of the company, which is oriented towards the production of parts and components for automotive gas systems in Sofia - Bozhurishte Economic Zone. The amount of the...

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