Protesters clash with police at Grigoropoulos anniversary march

Protesters threw homemade firebombs and chunks of concrete smashed off buildings and pavements against riot officers in downtown Athens on Thursday, during a march marking the 10th anniversary of the deadly shooting of 15-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos by an off-duty policeman in the central Exarchia district.

Hundreds of high-school students attended the rally in memory of the slain teenager, whose killing in December 2010 sparked a week of violent riots in Athens and other Greek cities.

A group of self-styled anarchists broke away from the main march to start smashing pavements and buildings around Korai Square with sledgehammers, creating ammunition to use against a large contingent of riot officers dispatched to police the rally.

Officers responded with tear gas, temporarily dispersing the rioters as the march headed to Parliament.

Police in Athens are on...

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