168 Chasa: Bulgaria has been Taking Italy and UK's Waste for 12 Months

For 17 days, two ships with 12,000 tons landed in the city, another 5,000 tons arrived through the Bosphorus. 168 chasa made an enquiry to the Regional Inspection for Environment and Waters. After that they issued three recommendations for storing and transporting the torn smelly bales.

After thousands of tons of trash from the UK, Naples and Palermo have been coming for a whole year to Varna, now the waste from Sicily also arrives in the city. All of them are executing different contracts with factories in Bulgaria, where the waste will be destroyed. The Blue Star I cargo ship, sailing under Panama's flag loaded with 5,000 tons of garbage, has already crossed the Bosphorus and traveled to the port of Varna. Tons of garbage from Sicily will be burned in a cement plant in Plovdiv to unload the overflowing Italian landfills, reports La Stampa.

Earlier this year, other Italian media reported that some of the trash of Naples and Palermo would be sent to Bulgaria. In fact, for more than a year every month a private ship arrives in Varna with a garbage from Italy or the United Kingdom. However, this is kept in deep secrecy by the institutions most likely to avoid protests of environmental organizations.

The waste remains in conflict with the rules until it is taken to two factories where it is destroyed according to regulation. Meanwhile citizens resent the scattered junk and the poisonous odor from it, the Port chief executive assures that they apply "good port practices".

After a signal by "168 Chasa", the Regional Inspectorate of the Environment and Waters carried out a check and identified the abovementioned violations by issuing 3 recommendations for compliance with the ecological requirements. According to the citizens of Varna, the rubbish...

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