New Border Crossing Point between Romania and Bulgaria

A new border crossing point for road traffic between Romania and Bulgaria opened in Constanţa county, in the commune of Dobromir. It corresponds to the Bulgarian border point of Krushari, in the northeastern part of the country, reports

It will be open to international passengers and the transport of goods, up to the limit of 3.5 tons of weight. The transport of dangerous goods, live animals, and products that need to undergo phytosanitary certification is not allowed here.

The new border crossing point adds to the ten existing ones open to road traffic between Romania and Bulgaria.

The border between the two countries has 631.3 km in length. Over 7.4 million passengers crossed the border between Romania and Bulgaria in 2018, according to data from the Border Police. Of these, some 5.7 million were EU citizens and 1.7 million non-EU citizens. At the same time, 3.1 million vehicles crossed the border in 2018.

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