"Tatar lady looking at the sea" painting by Nicolae Tonitza, auctioned for 210,000 euro

The painting by Nicolae Tonitza "Tatar lady looking at the sea" /"Tataroaica privind marea" was sold on Tuesday night for 210,000 euro, at the winter auction by Artmark House in Bucharest.

According to Artmark, the work also called "From the fisherman's porch" / "De pe prispa pescarului" is connected to the order honoured by Nicolae Tonitza during 1934-1935 for the decoration of the Royal Palace. The Tatar lady in this work of art is also painted on one of the two panels inside the Royal Palace.

Another work sold for a high price is "Jug with carnations" /"Ulcior cu garoafe" by Stefan Luchian, adjudicated for 125,000 euro. The work of art was part of the historical collections of general Petre Dumitrescu (1882-1950), Onik Zambaccian and medical doctor Gheorghe Banescu.AGERPRES(RO - author: Florentina Peia, editor: Marin Florin; EN - author: Maria Voican, editor: Simona Iacob)

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