Tsipras: Pristina's moves unacceptable, add fuel to fire

He pointed out that it was "adding fuel to the fire."

After meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade on Friday, and after a session of the High Council for Cooperation between Serbia and Greece, Tsipras said that he spoke with Vucic about this topic, and that Pristina's actions are "not contributing to stability in the region."

"I want to emphasize that these initiatives do not contribute to stability in the region, but cause a destabilization. We we need to say it with all our strength and express our voice. Vucic and the Serbian government have a very difficult job, but they should not leave that course," he said.

As Tsipras said, it is difficult for Serbia to stay on that road, trying to find a solution.

"Because, the emotions of the Serb people can provoke anger, but you have to stay on that road. I want to condemn the actions of Kosovo because they are adding fuel to the fire and I want to support Serbia on this path and the effort to find a solution, because that is the perspective, to maintain stability in the region."

Aleksandar Vucic said that it was very important for Serbia that the Prespa Agreement between Macedonia and Greece be implemented.

Vucic said that in this way, North Macedonia would be a bridge of cooperation with Greece and a possibility of Belgrade and Athens moving closer together.

"I know this is not easy, but Serbia and its citizens support the implementation of this agreement," Vucic said after his meeting with Tsipras.

Vucic said that he informed the Greek PM about the situation in Kosovo and the activities aimed at forming an army there, which, he said, is being implemented contrary not only to international law, but also to Kosovo's...

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