Dacic "wishes we never had common state with Montenegro"

First Deputy PM and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic stated this, adding that it was also ridiculous to say that Montenegro was "not making anti-Serb decisions, but those its own interest."

"I suppose Djukanovic means Montenegrin interests, which is nice - because Serbia is also making decisions in its own interest," Dacic told Podgorica-based daily Dan.

"Should I apologize to somebody because of that?," he asked.

Another thing that Djukanovic hinted at in the same interview is that Serbia is responsible "for Montenegro's destruction," the minister observed, adding, "whatever that means."

"Serbia has neither banned any Montenegrin citizens from entering Serbia, nor does Montenegro's entry into the EU depend on Serbia. Therefore, it's really ridiculous," Dacic said.

He at the same time assessed that relations between the two countries are stable, while Serbia is "open to discussion of all topics that both consider important - and Serbia wishes to Montenegro that it joins the EU."

"But, we cannot accept the role of the usual suspect for everybody's problems. In the end, Montenegro will at long last understand that there is no sorrow in Serbia because of the separation with Montenegro. Have a safe trip, and I wish we never joined (into the common state) in the first place," Dacic said.

According to him, if somebody should regret this happening in 1918, it's Serbia, a country that lost 28 percent of its population in the First World War.

"Who is Montenegro complaining about, (Yugoslav King) Aleksandar Kradjordjevic, a half-Montenegrin, the grandson of Montenegrin King Nikola Petrovic? Anyway, Kradjordjevics themselves are Petrovics who moved to Sumadija (Serbia's central region) from the...

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