Kosovo President Accuses Opposition Leader of Illegal Subversion

At the trial of ten suspected members of 'People's Eye' on Friday, Hashim Thaci accused the leader of Kosovo's main opposition party Vetevendosje, Albin Kurti, and one of its MPs, Glauk Konjufca, of being behind the organisation.

'People's Eye' is accused of drawing up a hit-list of 'traitors to the nation', in which Thaci was included among other officials, in an attempt to destabilise the state.

Thaci told the court in Pristina that "I had some information that behind this criminal organisation is Sadri Ramabaja, Glauk Konjufca and Albin Kurti".

Sadri Ramabaja is also a Vetevendosje party official, and was arrested in October 2017 in Albania while trying to cross the border. The party denied he was guilty and described the arrest as politically motivated.

Also on trial is Murat Jashari, who wounded Azem Vllasi, the former head of the former ruling League of Communists in Kosovo, in a shooting incident in March 2017.

Thaci said that he didn't know the main indictee Jashari, but only heard about him from the media.

He said he knew Ramabaja but never had any disagreement with him. "But I have seen from his writings that he has a hostile stance towards us," Thaci said.

Asked by special prosecutor Syle Hoxha if he had been intimidated by any individual, Thaci said he had.

"I had indications and information from the authorities or Kosovo friends about intimidation coming from Serbia, although I only had real intimidation from 'People's Eye'," he responded.

Asked if he knew who the founders of 'People's Eye' were, Thaci said: "Sadri Ramabaja, Glauk Konjufca and Albin Kurti, and if the hearing was closed to the public, I would mention some other names who have issued statements on behalf of the Kosovo Liberation Army...

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