A British photographer's snapshots of Athens in 1904

One of the Benaki Museum's last exhibitions launched in 2018 offers visitors to its Ghika Gallery, near Syntagma Square, the chance to travel back to that same central Athens plaza 114 years ago.

Locals are likely to experience a lot of deja vus in the show, with plenty of familiar scenes, as well as others that evoke wonder at how much they've changed.

In this sense, the exhibition "Alexander Lamont Henderson: 1904 Holiday Snaps" - which presents images captured by the British photographer during a visit to Greece - is important, as it constitutes a rare archive, a treasure for anyone interested in the city's history and in photography.

Alexander Lamont Henderson (1838-1907) spent several months in Greece at the start of 1904. He was on holiday after retiring as royal photographer, a title he had been awarded by Queen Victoria. What he saw was a young capital in...

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