European Union "reiterates its message" to Pristina

"We want to reiterate EU's message that the imposition of tariffs, does not contribute towards good neighborly relations and it contradicts Kosovo's past commitments towards regional integration and the commitments subscribed to by Kosovo within the SAA (Stabilization and Association Agreement)," EU's Pristina office said, according to Pristina-based broadcaster Klan Kosova.

The EU in this way reacted to Pristina's newest measure - imposing a tax of 100 percent on international brands manufactured in central Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

"We note with concern Kosovo's decision to expand the 100 per cent import tariffs also to products of internationally recognized brands of other countries, including EU countries, that are produced in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina," the EU said in a statement published on its website.

"We therefore urge the Kosovo government to reconsider its decision and to revoke the tariffs. This would be the right decision to take in advancing Kosovo's and its people European aspiration for the present and the future," the EU said, and concluded:

"We recall the EU message for regional cooperation and ask all parties to refrain from actions that undermine this message."

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