"Journalists should start year with united action"

Cenzolovka's editorial board supports the solidarity action with the Zig Info portal and colleagues Milan Jovanovic and Zeljko Matorcevic.

"As we are very familiar with this case, we will provide assistance to all colleagues and newsrooms interested in researching the topics that Jovanovic and Matorcevic have started," the website announced on Monday, adding:

"We would like interested newsrooms and journalists who need help with this research to contact us at redakcija@cenzolovka.rs."

"I suggest that all the leading Serbian newspapers investigate, from the beginning and thoroughly, at least one story published by Zig Info on how the decisions are made and how the taxpayer's money is spent in the municipality of Grocka. It would be solidarity at work. We would thoroughly, each editorial office individually, go through everything that our endangered colleagues wrote about. Nothing would remain hidden from the eyes of the public," Matic, who heads the commission investigating murders of journalists, said.

As he pointed out, it is a public secret that provincial journalists and media, especially investigative ones, have a much harder time that those in Belgrade.

"The threats and violence are less noticeable and more quickly forgotten. Grocka is the best example. The editor-in-chief of Zig Info from Grocka, Zeljko Matorcevic, as well as journalist Milan Jovanovic, have reported the threats that they received over the past five or six years, but without reverberation and effect. A serious physical attack on Matorcevic in October was forgotten in just a few days, to be followed by a drastic attack on the property and life of Jovan Jovanovic and his wife," Matic noted, and added:

"The public was alarmed only then...

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