Bosnian Family Fear for Murder Victim's Missing Father

The authorities in Republika Srpska, the mainly Serbian entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, have continued to put pressure on opposition demonstrators protesting over the unsolved murder of David Dragicevic, while his father, Davor, remains missing since protesters clashed with police in Banja Luka on Sunday.

"The lawyer for Davor Dragicevic contacted the chief district attorney general and the duty prosecutor and requested a brief consultation on the terms of surrender of his client, but official and written suggestions regarding the aforementioned have not been received by the Prosecution," the District Public Prosecutor's Office of Banja Luka told N1 television on Thursday.             

The family says they do not know where Dragicevic is, and are mulling reporting his disappearance.

Police issued arrest warrants on Monday for Dragicevic, who has led the protests since April, when his son, David, was found dead on March 24.

Several other participants in the latest protest on Sunday, including an RS opposition MP Drasko Stanivukovic, were also issued arrest warrants and detained.

On Tuesday, some media reported that Dragicevic was hiding in the British embassy in Sarajevo, but British ambassador Matthew Field on Twitter denied that his embassy was sheltering him.

The response came after Milorad Dodik, the Serbian chairman of Bosnia's state presidency and former RS President, on Sunday accused the UK of funding the protest movement.

After spending 30 hours in police detention, MP Stanivukovic said the police were accusing him of provoking the violence seen at Sunday's rally. 

"This is the persecution of people who sincerely fight for the rights of all citizens. This is political persecution. The police even suspect me...

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