Dedication to hybridisation and the highest level of craftsmanship

Where is the trend for hybrid vehicles the strongest and how alive is it in Central and South Eastern Europe, especially Slovenia?

Gregor Mauko: In the case of hybridisation, the strongest region is Europe, followed by the United States and Japan for both Toyota and Lexus. In Europe, 95% of Lexus sales are hybrids, in the case of Toyota, in Western Europe more than 50%. Slovenia is in line with Europe - for Lexus we sell only hybrids, we have not had diesel since 2011 and customers really appreciate the hybrid technology. In the past there were some challenges with extremely diesel-oriented markets, but it was more related to the awareness, because once you drive a Lexus hybrid model, you will not go back to diesel. In this sense, we expect many brands will promote plug-in hybrids in the future, but they do not...

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