For Eight Years, Police Officers in Bulgaria have Decreased by a Quarter, Eurostat Reported

Between 2008 and 2016, police officers in Bulgaria decreased by 25%. This shows data from the European statistical agency Eurostat. In 2008, they were 450 per 100 thousand, while in 2016 335 per 100 thousand, reports Dnevnik. 

By this indicator, Bulgaria ranks 11th in the European Union. On average, there are 318 policemen in the EU per 100,000. There are more than 1.6 million police officers in the bloc, compared with 2009 there is a decrease of 3.4%.

Most police officers per capita are in Cyprus - 573 per 100 thousand. In Malta, they are 505 per 100 thousand, and 492 in Greece. The lowest number is in Finland, Sweden and Romania, with 137, 203 and 242 policemen per 100 thousand.

In the beginning of last year, the Interior Ministry announced that in 2017 it had recruited a few more policemen than they left. The service of 2082 policemen was terminated. The appointed officials in the Ministry of the Interior for the same period are 2842.

Eurostat also reports that every fifth policeman in 2016 is a woman. Every fourth prisoner in the EU is also a woman.

In 2016 in Bulgaria, 100,000 people are in prison. This is the highest number since 2008. Only in Finland and Slovenia there are fewer prisoners per capita, according to the Eurostat study.

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