"We need a clear invitation for the best workers to come and work in Slovenia"

Due to staff shortages, many companies decide to hire workers from abroad, however, the administrative procedures are complex. What are the steps that CCIS has been taking in this area?

In December 2017, the government, together with CCIS, set up a task force to find a way to shorten the time needed to get a work permit. On average, the procedure takes up to four months to complete, which in times of economic growth and high demand is far too long. We defined a few steps to be taken in order to shorten the time needed when employing a foreign worker.

1. Set up a register of companies with higher than average added value (red carpet procedure).
2. Amend the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the employment of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Republic of...

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