EU "reiterates urgency" of Pristina revoking trade barriers

"The meeting was an opportunity for an exchange with the Kosovo representatives on the (Belgrade-Pristina) dialogue," the EU announced, adding that in this context, Mogherini "reiterated the urgency to revoke the customs tariffs (taxes on goods from central Serbia), announced by the Kosovo government at the end of last year."

"Welcoming the delegation's nomination, the high representative saw its presence in Brussels as a demonstration of the priority the Kosovo authorities are giving to the normalization process, a requirement for Kosovo's European path, and to the need to work together on the Dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade, facilitated by the EU," a press release said, adding:

"Reaching a comprehensive legally binding agreement on full normalization of relations in the context of the Pristina Belgrade Dialogue requires a climate that contributes to good neighborly relations, whereby past agreements are respected and implemented, and actions and statements which are not compatible with the overall interest and strategic objectives of the region are avoided."

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