"Traitor to Bosnia, and Putin's exponent"

And Dodik is also "an exponent of the Russian president in the Balkans," Canak, the leader of the LSV party, stated on Tuesday.

"You have a completely crazy situation now where no one can with great precision say whether Bosnia is a state or not. Because a man like Milorad Dodik, who makes up onethird of the Presidency of that state, claims he is just doing his day job, that he is a Serb who happened to be there by chance," Canak told Sarajevo based radiosarajevo.ba website.

According to him, "it is quite clear that Dodik could not do so without having a very solid backing in Moscow."

"How is it that Vladimir Putin so often meets with someone who until yesterday was the president of only one entity in one, and not the largest state in the Balkans? I do not see another logic unless Russia has its interests. It is legitimate for Russia to have its interests. But it is not legitimate for people living in a country to, I will say it exactly, betray their own country for private interests, and for the benefit of the Russian state! That is, to put it mildly, dishonorable" - said Canak.

He added that he deeply believes that the war in BiH has been interrupted by the Dayton Agreement, but not finished, because, as he said, the end of the war would mean the beginning of peace.

"And peace never came. The killing stopped, but life did not started. I simply cannot understand how anyone thinks an area (the RS) is normal - whose founders, each one, are convicted of war crimes against humanity, apart from those who killed themselves. How do you create from this, without any confrontation with reality, a functional creation that can work with others. Other than riding on someone's great interest, of course by that I mean Russia,"...

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