Almost half of Serbian ambassadors will have to go home

The beginning of extensive staffing refreshment of our diplomatic network in the coming months could be changes in the Cultural Center in Paris, reads the article.

Namely, Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic could soon put an end to last year's conflict between our representatives in Paris, which he described as "a great disgrace of our diplomacy" and replace the Center's director Radoslav "Lale" Pavlovic.

Dacic had sent unscheduled control to France, because of the undermined interpersonal relations and tensions between now former ambassador to France Rajko Ristic and Pavlovic - a conflict that media reports said was on the verge of getting physical.

The officials carrying out this procedure - State Secretary and Secretary General at the MFA Ivica Toncev and Veljko Odalovic - submitted a report to Dacic and proposed replacing Ristic and Pavlovic.

Ristic's mandate expired a few months ago, with Natasa Ristic appointed as his replacement, while Pavlovic has remained at the helm of the Cultural Center.

Elsewhere, out of 69 Serbian embassies, the four-year mandates have expired for diplomats posted in Albania, Angola, Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Israel, India, Japan, Canada, China, Congo, Korea, Kuwait, Morocco, Mexico, Myanmar, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Tunisia, the Netherlands, Montenegro, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland.

The same is true of our ambassadors to NATO and the UN in New York, the Belgrade newspaper noted.

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