"Croatia should apologize for genocide, then lecture others"

The Independent State of Croatia (NDH) was a WW2 Nazi allied entity whose Ustasha regime established and operated death camps for Serbs, Jews, and Roma.

Commenting on Croatian prime minister's statement during a Christmas celebration that "the process of peaceful integration was one of the greatest legacies of Croatia's first president, Franjo Tudjman," Dacic asked if this "reintegration" also means the return of Serbs driven out of their homes in Croatia.

The Serbian foreign minister added that there are now 180,000 Serbs in Croatia, out of 560,000 who lived there in 1991.

"Or is this about reintegrating only those they (Croatia) have not killed, expelled, or converted to Catholicism... and how could the Serbs in Croatia have carried out an aggression against their own territories, where they lived?," asked Dacic.

The minister added that reconciliation was possible only if there is mutual respect, and if common interests, instead of those things we disagree on, are emphasized.

The Croatian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday reacted to Dacic referring to Croatian PM's statement as "shameless" by "condemning in the strongest terms the continued ill-meaning, tendentious and completely unfounded statements of Serbian officials regarding Croatia."

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