Marriages of convenience

There is divine irony in the fact that the marriage of convenience between Alexis Tsipras and Panos Kammenos is collapsing in the presence of the very symbol that helped bring them together. Tsipras not only exchanged warm words with German Chancellor Angela Merkel Thursday, but, less than 24 hours earlier, seemed to threaten Kammenos when, in an interview, he said that his junior coalition partner would undertake a "heavy burden" if he were to bring down the government. Perhaps it was no coincidence that, speaking with Merkel, Tsipras declared "we have a common danger before us, the rise of the populist extreme right."

It was, of course, SYRIZA which chose to govern with a partner from the populist extreme right, to the chagrin of the radical left movement's more naive followers in Greece and abroad. The speed with which their union was achieved was testament to the power of...

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