Merkel: 'It is a matter of the heart to support Greece'

In a televised exchange with visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos on Friday thanked her supporting Greece's efforts to exit its international bailouts and addressing the refugee crisis. 

"Greeks made many sacrifices, even for mistakes that could not be attributed to them and I am glad you acknowledged this," Pavlopoulos said.

He also praised Merkel for her response to the refuguee crisis, saying it "boosted your profile as a European leader and the cohesion of Europe." "On the issue of the refugee crisis, you showed very great courage. The cost for you was great," he said. 

Pavlopoulos took the opportunity to repeat Greece's demand for reparations from Germany for Nazi war crimes which, he said, "must be resolved at the competent juidicial forum on the basis of international and European cultural values." 


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