#Romania2019.eu/Iohannis: The Western Balkans' place is with us

Bucharest, Jan 11 /Agerpres/ - President Klaus Iohannis stated on Friday that the place of the Western Balkans is within the European Union, expressing his hope that progress will be swift and good in regards to Macedonia's name change.

"The Western Balkans are an area which for us is in in the immediate vicinity and regardless of the geographical positioning we are interested and concerned. Romania is convinced that this area's place is with us. This general statement needs implementation that sometimes proves to be rather complex," said Iohannis, at the joint press conference with the European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker.

He expressed his hope that in the matter of Macedonia's name change progress will be swift and good, in order to "resolve one of the problems that made impossible substantial progress that could've been done".

In his turn, the EC President expressed hope that this process will conclude successfully and in the terms provided for.

"In relation to this problem of the old name of the Republic of Macedonia, I am impressed by the courage of the two Prime-Ministers (e.n. - of Macedonia and Greece) and they bear this responsibility to history and I would like for this process to conclude successfully and in the terms provided for. I can only urge the two governments, the two Prime Ministers, the two Parliaments, to do what history requests they do," said Juncker. AGERPRES (RO - author: Florentina Peia, editor: Mihai Simionescu; EN - author: Razvan-Adrian Pandea, editor: Adina Panaitescu)

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