Eurostat: Bulgarians Spend more Money on Culture

Bulgarians spent significantly more money on cultural recreation, leisure and entertainment in 2017, reported Eurostat's analysis of household spending in the EU for recreation and culture during the period in question. According to the analysis, the Bulgarians spent about 8 per cent of their total income for cultural entertainment expenses in 2017, registering 7.5 per cent in 2007.
The average household spending in the EU for culture in 2017 was 8.5 percent of their total spending, according to European statistics. According to NSI data, the average household consumption in 2017 for recreation, culture and entertainment was BGN 528, compared to BGN 282 in 2007.

The cost of one person's enrichment in culture was also increased, the statistics for the population were registered - BGN 230 in 2017 at BGN 114 in 2007. Again according to NSI in 2017, nearly 3.8 million Bulgarians visited different cultural events such as theaters, concerts , opera, ballet, cinema, etc.
Almost 4 million of our compatriots have visited cultural venues in the country during the year. Nearly 2 million Bulgarians have devoted their free time to reading books, half of them have read from 1 to 5 books, about 30, per cent have read 10 books in 12 months, and about 20 percent of our compatriots have read more than 10 books for the 12 months of 2017

About 4 million are Bulgarians who read newspapers, of which 42 percent or 1.7 million say they read newspapers almost every day.

In 2017, EU citizens spend an average of 8.5 per cent of their total income on entertainment and other cultural activities, which in real terms amounts to about 710 billion euros and equals 4.6 of the EU's GDP. The largest share of recreational and cultural resources in the EU is...

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