Code Yellow advisory of blizzard in 27 counties until Wednesday evening; wind, mixed precipitations, rest of Romania

The National Meteorological Administration (ANM) updated on Monday the Code Yellow advisory of blizzard issued on Sunday and extended the number of counties to be affected by the bad weather to 27 from 12.

Moreover, the advisory for mixed precipitations and wind valid for the rest of the country was extended until Wednesday evening at 20:00hrs.

According to the forecast, between 14 and 16 January, 20:00hrs, the wind will intensify throughout the mountain range, generally reaching 65-80 km/h and temporarily it will snow. Snowfalls will be more intense on Tuesday to Wednesday night (15-16 January), especially in the Western Carpathians, in the west of the Southern Carpathians and in the north of the Eastern Carpathians, where quantities of 10-15 l/sq m will accumulate locally.

Temporarily, on the peaks, the wind will blow gusts of over 100-120 km/h in the beginning of the interval in the Southern Carpathians and then, in the rest of the massifs, storming the snow, causing a significant decrease in visibility.

The counties targeted by the Code Yellow are the following: Satu Mare, Maramures, Botosani, Suceava, Neamt, Mures, Harghita, Bacau, Brasov, Covasna, Vrancea, Buzau, Prahova, Dambovita, Arges, Sibiu, Valcea, Alba, Hunedoara, Gorj, Mehedinti, Caras-Severin, Arad, Bihor, Salaj, Cluj and Timis.

On the other hand, between 14 January 14:00hrs and 16 January 20:00hrs, a bad weather advisory will be in force, valid throughout the country. Thus, in the majority of the regions, locally and temporarily, intensifications of the wind will be reported, generally with the gust of wind reaching 45-55 km/h, that will accentuate the feeling of cold, and isolated and transitory, especially in Transylvania and Moldova, the snow will be scattered.

On Wednesday (16 January), especially in southern and central regions, the gusts of wind will reach 60-65 km/h on small areas. In western, northern and central part of the country, rains will be reported temporarily, in small quantities, predominantly turning into snow. During the same day, in the lowland areas, especially in west and northwest, there will be mixed precipitations that will favor the occurrence of glazed frost. AGERPRES (RO - author: Daniel Badea, editor: Andreea Marinescu; EN - author: Rodica State, editor: Adina Panaitescu)

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