Man Attacked Students from the National Military University

Students from the National Military University were attacked last night, January 13, at 19.00 hrs. The incident happened while the cadets traveled from Sliven to the village of Gurkovo, the Ministry of Defense announced.

Their car "Audi 80" is detected by another car - "Opel Corsa". After the forced stop, the striker comes out of his car and throws an ax on the windshield of the cadet's car.
After a signal on 112, the Ministry of Interior officers investigated and detained their striker. The case was screened and the striker was detained for 24 hours at the Regional Office of the Interior Ministry in Kazanlak.

The detainee is Jordan Penev. The man is of Roma origin and to date has more than 20 criminal registrations for theft and hooliganism, as well as several sentences that have entered into force. There is evidence that he is the perpetrator of 11 more crimes.

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