Serbian FM speaks at NATO contact embassy ceremony

It is an important guarantor of the implementation of the Brussels Agreement and the only guarantor of the security and survival of the Serbs, their property, and religious and cultural heritage, Dacic said.

Dacic was speaking at a ceremony on the occasion of the handover of duty of the contact embassy for cooperation of Serbia with NATO - the embassy of Greece and the takeover of duty by the embassy of Norway, the Serbian government said on its website, and published the following excerpts from the minister's speech:

"It is my pleasure to point out the excellent cooperation that we had with the Greek embassy in the past two years in improving the partnership cooperation between Serbia and NATO. I have no doubt that cooperation will be further enhanced to the mutual interest in 2019 too with the support of Norway, the country with which Serbia has built excellent political and economic relations, as well as the Netherlands, also our important partner whose embassy, as we have been told, in accordance with the agreement with Norway, will take over that role in 2020.

Serbia and NATO have significantly improved their practical cooperation in all areas of common interest, whether civil or military.

At the same time, Serbia's policy of military neutrality is not at all at stake - this remains our lasting decision, which NATO partners fully respect. Serbia respects the commitment of its neighbors and other countries to NATO membership, and we expect the understanding for our cooperation with countries that are not members of the Alliance.

Serbia and NATO are firmly connected by the common interest of preserving peace and stability in the region. Therefore, we expect the Alliance to view with understanding and support...

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