The Biggest History Park in the World Opens in Bulgaria, Near Varna in the Spring (Photos)

The world's largest and first of its kind cultural-historical and entertainment-educational park will open in Bulgaria this spring. Conceived as a large complex, situated in its completed form on a 500-acre area 33 km from Varna, The Historical Park offers Bulgarian and foreign visitors an interactive trip up to 10 000 years back in time during the five epochs of human civilization. On the spot will be presented the development of civilization, which took place in our lands from the Chalcolithic and Neolithic times, through the glorious history of the Thracians and Rome, until the heyday of the First and Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

Through various interactive and sensory-educational formats, the Park will offer its visitors a touch of ancient cultures, turning into an absolute revolution in cultural and historical tourism and filling the rising demand for historical landmarks worldwide.

Thematic craft courses, historical performances and films, training in ancient martial arts, horse riding, theoretical seminars, exhibitions and exact restorations of objects and way of life from the past will be presented in the five historic epochs available to visitors.

Traditional places for relaxation and eating with authentic atmosphere and recipes from antique times prepared with natural Bulgarian products are also provided. For an extra experience, there will be a children's area, a cinema hall and a souvenir shop with authentic Bulgarian paintings by artists of past artifacts and many others.

"The idea of ​​creating the History Park is mine and was born in 2011. The main goal is with it to change the way foreigners accept the Bulgarians and Bulgaria, as well as the way we perceive ourselves. The high-profile attraction at world level will change the...

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