Tesla Makes Charging Stations in the Balkans, but Ignores Bulgaria

Some time ago, Tesla promised that in 2019 it will cover the whole of Europe with its supercharging charging stations to extend "from Ireland to Kiev (Ukraine), from Norway to Turkey." The expansion of Musk's company is mainly focused on Central and Western Europe, where dozens of similar facilities already exist, but it also covers the Balkans. Most of the countries in the region will be building several Tesla super-fast charging stations to serve large cities and major roads.

However, Bulgaria is seriously neglected, as the only charging facility of Elon Musk's company in Bulgaria will be in Plovdiv. Neighboring countries are much more favored in this respect - in Romania and Serbia, there will be 3 Tesla chargers, 5 in Greece, and 8 in Croatia (7 of which are already in operation). Even in small Slovenia there are three chargers of the US company. The availability of a single Tesla charging station equalizes our country with countries like Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which are significantly smaller markets such as population and GDP. However, we are ahead of this indicator in Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo, where no US charging device is currently planned.

The choice of Plovdiv is logical, because along it, besides the Trakia Highway, passes the Pan-European Transport Corridor № IV, connecting Central Europe with Istanbul. Beyond the city, there is increased internal and international traffic and the location of the charging station is entirely justified. There has been more than a year and a half talking about the charger in the city of Plovdiv, but there has been little progress. Surprising is the lack of a Tesla charging station in Sofia - an indisputable economic center of the country, on whose streets are often seen cars of the...

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