Blagoevgrad has the most Polluted Air in the past 4 Days

There is air pollution in several cities of the country again, according to data of the European Environment Agency's "Air Quality" indicator. The most polluted is the air in the city of Blagoevgrad, South-West of Bulgari. For the past 24 hours over, the average daily levels of air pollutant concentrations exceed the norms 3 times, reports BNT. 

There is no central heating in Blagoevgrad. Most homes use solid fuel for heating, which is a major pollutant.

The specialised pulmonary disease hospital In Blagoevgrad is full. Lung disease wards in the other two hospitals are also full of patients, and every day the clinic admits 10 new patients.

Dr. Petar Georgiev, manager of the pulmonary disease hospital in Blagoevgrad: There are new people, young people who are not so damaged by smoking, but now because of this smog and some infections, they quickly develop bronchospasm. This bronchospasm, if not healed properly, may turn into asthma or chronic bronchitis, from there into chronic pulmonary disease.

To tackle the dirty air problem, the municipality this year allocated more money to wash the streets. The public transport buses will be replaced with new ones, electric or running on gas.

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