The Platinum DGNB Certificate Awarded to the New Knauf Insulation Demonastration and Training Centre at Škofja Loka

From the very beginning, the new Knauf Insulation Experience Center has been designed in compliance with the DGNB standards. This required a very high level of understanding of sustainable construction requirements by designers and investors. After all, implementation of a building engineering project like this is a major challenge. Being the first of its kind in Slovenia that obtained the DGNB certificate, the facility is a pioneering achievement, as many stakeholders faced the challenges for the first time.

The German Sustainability Council (DGNB) owns one of the world's three most visible sustainable construction certification systems (the DGNB Certificate). Given that the Slovene construction solutions have a lot in common with German solutions in the area, this certification system seemed the most appropriate for the new facility. DGNB certifies different types of...

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