"Pristina will withdraw taxes, but we paid high price"

Asked by journalists in Davos to comment on Avni Arifi, the head of the Ramush Haradinaj's cabinet, saying that the government in Pristina could temporarily suspend taxes (pending a comprehensive agreement with Belgrade), Vucic noted in a statement for RTS that this would happen sooner or later.

"Whether they will abolish, suspend or otherwise find some other way, I don't care at all. Zhey have inflicted enormous damage and brought tremendous tensions. I said that this revokal will happen and it will happen. Nevertheless, we paid a high price," said Vucic.

However, it says, and no one will compensate this, neither Pristina nor the EU, nor anyone else.


Also in Davos on Wednesday, Aleksandar Vucic met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn in Davos on Wednesday.

After the meeting with Merkel, he said she had invited him to visit Berlin again and that they had mostly talked about Kosovo and Metohija and Serbia's European integration.

"It was not a simple conversation. We in Serbia have one view on solving the (Kosovo and Metohija) issue, while the countries that recognize Kosovo have a different position. But it seems to me that Merkel appreciates and respects our wish to talk and reach compromise," he told reporters.

Vucic said that she respected Serbia's wish to talk and reach a compromise with Pristina.

"The issues we discussed the most were Kosovo and Serbia's European integration. Merkel, I believe, appreciates and respects our wish to talk and reach a compromise (with Pristina)," Vucic told reporters.

The Serbian president said Chancellor Merkel showed understanding regarding the import fees Pristina had introduced on goods from Serbia...

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