World Ice Fishing Championship Starts in Bulgaria's Rhodope Mountains

The World Ice Fishing Championship starts in the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains. Fifteen nations with the best anglers in extreme conditions are already practicing at Shiroka Polyana Dam. The official opening of the fishing championship is tomorrow, 24th of January. The event is hosted by the Bulgarian Federation of Fishing Sports and Batak Municipality, reports BNT. 

Well-equipped teams have been training for a few days already in the winter architecture of the mountain. The contestants make 20-cm holes in the ice to reach the hungry fish. Norway's team has been at Shiroka Polyana for a week.

Nicholas Stringström, Norway: It is important to be on the ice and explore everything - from the relief of the bottom to what bait to use. The teams of Lithuania and Ukraine have also been here for a long time. More training days mean better preparation for the race.

The team of Ukraine, which has been three times world champion in the recent six championships, has a special prepaprations programme, which is kept secret.

Stanil Yotov: When I was watching them, I had the feeling that they were like some ice fishing machines. 

Martin Kasabski: They use a knife, constantly, digging holes, searching for fish. 

Stanil Yotov: At the time of their qualifications, they asked us not to get too close to them, and we did not, because we are good hosts.

The Bulgarian national team is also ready for the competition with the best.

Martin Kasabski: What we need is a little luck, diligence, and things will happen.

For the first time Bulgaria hosts a world ice fishing championship. The World Cup was supposed to take place at Batak Dam, but the conditions there were not appropriate....

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