Thaci to Kosovo government: Do not abuse taxes

The Kosovo president said in a statement to Klan Kosova broadcaster that the decision was "right and sincere," but that, as he specified, "three or four government carriers" should not be abusing it for other interests, which are detrimental to Kosovo's interests.

"The issue of suspending the 100 percent tax should be something that will be discussed between the government of Kosovo and the authorities of the European Union. I hope that this situation will be overcome in the near future so that Kosovo is not perceived as an obstacle to the continuation of the dialogue and as a country that does not respect the rules of dialogue and negotiations," Thaci said.

He also said that he hoped that existing "firm stance" of the Pristina government would be overcome in the near future and that people would "look to the future."

Thaci believes that "Serbia deserved such a tax", adding that it was the request of Deputy Prime Minister Enver Hoxhaj and Assembly Speaker Kadri Veseli, and they proposed to Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj to make such a decision, but that now the issue should not be abused by "three or four carriers of the government".

He said it was not his decision when to abolish these taxes, but that he will "respect the government's decision."

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