The Fastest Growing Region of Bulgaria is in the Poorest Part of the Country

Vratsa managed to outperform Sofia and all other regions by GDP growth in 2017, according to data from the National Statistical Institute (NSI), published yesterday. The Municipality reports a 22% increase in GDP per capita - from BGN 9 579 in 2016 to BGN 11 684 in 2017 and is thus ranked first. Of course, the overall level is still far lower than many other regions.

Thus, the poorest region in Bulgaria and Europe - the Northwest - reported the largest increase in gross domestic product in 2017 - 10% to BGN 8 938 per capita.

At the same time Sofia-region reports growth of 18% to 15 527 leva and Sofia-city - by 6% to 30 295 leva. And so it remains far away the richest area in Bulgaria. The champion of growth for 2016 - Stara Zagora - is in second position with 17,550 leva and 8% increase.

The services sector generated 58.6 billion leva of gross value added and industry - 25 billion leva. The agricultural sector is responsible for 4.1 billion leva of the gross value added or the difference between the final value of the production and the intermediate consumption.

According to NSI data, the services sector in the capital has generated BGN 34.8 billion of BDS, or nearly 40% of the national one. Measured by gross domestic product per capita, it generates about a third of the national economy.

Silistra remains the region with the lowest GDP per capita - only BGN 6 687, although for the year 2017 it registered an increase of 10%.

For Bulgaria, the average level is 14 280 leva, an increase of 8%.

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