Bulgaria Marks the 165 Anniversary Since the Birth of One of the Country's Most Important Political Figures-Stefan Stambolov

Bulgaria marks the 165 anniversary since the birth of one of the country's most important political figures, Stefan Stambolov.

Wreaths were laid at Stambolov's monuments in his native city of Veliko Tarnovo and in the capital Sofia.

Bulgarian politician Stefan Stambolov is considered one of the most important statesmen in the country's history, and one of the "Founders of Modern Bulgaria" often referred to as "the Bulgarian Bismarck".

Stambolov was born on January 31, 1854 in Veliko Turnovo. His education began there, but in 1870 he left for Odessa to study at the Odessa Seminary. He was expelled in 1872 for ties with Russian revolutionaries.

Stambolov's father took part in the plotting of an uprising against the Ottoman rule, known as "Velchova Zavera" (1835), so he grew up among revolutionaries like Hristo Ivanov "Knigovezetza", father Mathei Preobrazhenski - Mitkaloto, Hristo Karaminkov "Buneto". Stambolov took part in all activities aimed at political independence in the 1870s such as joining the Bulgarian Revolutionary Central Committee (BRCC). After the death of the founder of the BRCC Vassil Levski, Stambolov was chosen as his successor. He was the leader of the unsuccessful uprising in Stara Zagora (1875) and the Turnovo revolutionary committee in the Great Uprising of April (1876).

In 1875, together with one of Bulgaria's greatest poets, Hristo Botev, Stambolov published the poetry book known as "Songs and Poems." He married Piloxena Stancheva in 1888 and they had four children.

Stambolov was a prime figure during the political discussions between Liberals and Conservatives at the time of the first Bulgarian parliament - "The Founding Great Assembly" in 1879. In 1880 he became the Deputy Speaker and...

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